Reviews for Jeremy’s Lies


“Jeremy is a loving guy. He is in love with his best friend Sadie. There is a few things stopping him from telling her how he feel’s her size and not wanting to wreck their friendship because he doesn’t want to lose that. Sadie is such a loving and forgiving girl. She has been in love with Jeremy her best friend. They have such a great friendship. It was beautiful watching their friendship grow into so much more. Jeremy was such a jerk to her at times, I wanted to strangle him. This story was beautifully written and evoked so much emotion. I loved that Sadie was plus sized girl and that she had those that looked past that. An incredible story N Nieto! I look forward to your next release.” – Ann

“First time reader of N.Nieto and i can honestly say i loved this book!! I cried and laughed as if I was Sadie and felt the fireworks for Jer!!
Couldn’t put the book down and finished it in one sitting!! I really recommend this book… It owns a piece of my heart.” -RoGo

“If you’re looking for an emotional roller coaster ride, you’ve found it in this book! Whew! This is a major tissue alert with a side of no, no, no moments. I loved how a plus size girl is the main female and the hunk of a jock is the main male…the unlikely couple. So many scenarios are true to life. All Jeremy and Sadie want is to love one another without being judged. Is that possible in a high school or with judgmental parents? Get ready to go up and down, one minute you love Jeremy and the next you hate him. Will he be able to overcome the lies and get the girl? How much is too much for Sadie to handle? Sit back and enjoy the story. Well written and plenty of interference as these 2 try to get their HEA. Truly enjoyed this book and recommend you one click!” -Wendy

“What a wonderful story. Not my usual read, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Jeremy and Sade. The characters were so well developed and strong for being as young as they were. The story line was one that I am sure will touch many young adults and will bring a new hope and added strength to those young ladies who have those wonderful curves as well as strength to the young men who “see” them. It is a testament to the phrase that love conquers all, even when that love is tested to its limits. If you are looking for a wonderfully sweet read, filled with young angst and great characters, please do yourself a favor and choose this book. I highly recommend it.” -Kathy

“This was a really good drama filled book. This book caused quite a few tears. It was all over the place and cause quite an emotional roller coaster.
I really think the author nailed it with the way the characters act and feeling a first love. I think the way it all played out and came together just perfectly. If you enjoy a book about finding your first love and fighting for it then I think you would love this book.
I would love to get Ben’s story.” -Brenda