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◆LESSONS by N. Nieto
McKenna James
When I decided to start giving sex lessons to pay my way through college I only had a few rules.
1. Always use protection.
2. Don’t use the sex for pleasure, keep it strictly business.
3. Don’t get caught.
And the most important of all the rules; never fall for any of the guys.
For the first year, I managed to keep all of those rules unbroken; that is until I met Kaeden Griffin. There is just something about him that makes me want to say the hell with the rules and have him claim me as his and his alone.
Kaeden Griffin
I never thought in a million years I’d be paying someone for sex. Sure, I could probably get it for free from half the female student body, but how embarrassing would it be for me to have all the playboy looks but not the playboy moves? Yeah, you guessed it; I’m a virgin. I come from the deep south where some morals are not to be broken, like sex before marriage. Especially if you are the Pastor’s son. But I am ready to go after the girl I want and doing so I’m going to have to know a few things about sex and what to do. So, here’s to hoping these sex lessons teach me something useful.
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